Adventures in Mysore


It is almost exactly 24 years since I was last in Mysore, India (though I’ve been back to other parts of India since). Then I was a much younger me with a back pack and a train ticket around India and so it feels really special to be sat here now in the gardens of the lovely Green Hotel being serenaded by a strange mixture of birdsong, monkeys calling from the roof top and the sounds of traffic, or rather the horns being sounded by the rush hour Tata lorries and cars. Feeling a distinct lack of sleep after the last few days of preparations for the trip and the marathon journey, I am determined to stay awake in an effort to defeat the jet lag.
The three hour taxi ride to Mysore from Bangalore airport is bonkers. I’d forgotten just how crazy the driving is here and the cars have got bigger and the roads busier since my last visit. I have absolutely no idea why there are painted lane lines or traffic lights as nobody pays any attention to them Sounding your horn seems to work well though and this they most certainly do … I was really grateful when my lovely taxi driver stopped at a roadside cafe and the cup of hot (and very sweet) chai tasted wonderful in the cold early morning as I surveyed fields of sugar cane and rice beyond the roadside through bleary eyes.
The rest of the day has been filled up with trying to find my way around, changing money and registering at the Shala with Sharath for my classes. After registering I was asked to set my watch to ‘Shala Time’ which appears to be 15 minutes ahead of normal time! I have a very civilised 10am start apart from Sunday when I seem to need to be there at 5.35 am so it’s just as well that my new best friend, one of the rickshaw drivers outside the hotel here, has promised emphatically to pick me up at 5.30am. I will let you know how that goes …
The most fabulous sunset has just turned the sky magenta as I write this which seems a perfect end to this first day in Mysore. It also means that it’s almost bed time. Good night everyone x

Welcome to The Space Blog

Welcome to our new blog site. It’s been a busy  start to 2014 with lots of exciting things happening,  including Helen setting off for her studies and travels in Mysore India as well as getting the go ahead for work to start on the new building. We are looking forward to sharing news and photographs with you so watch this  ‘Space’ …