Renovating the Space


Things are progressing quite nicely with our building as we get it ready to be the new home to our  little yoga community.  After months of discussions and design ideas and planning it is good to be able to be breathing some new life into this lovely building.  New windows and doors are being made, the (energy efficient) heating system is being installed and the main practice space will have a beautiful new floor.


We still have a few weeks to go before it all comes together and we can roll out our mats but we are very excited.  In between some of the less exciting building / clearing up jobs we have been out and about sourcing one or two things for the building, from light fittings to door knobs … who knew ironmongery could be so much fun!


And the best part is the journey there.  Whether driving through the beautiful Purbeck countryside or crossing the harbour on the little chain ferry from Poole, we can’t help but smiling … what a special place to come and practice yoga!