Ashtanga Yoga Foundation Course with Helen

Two consecutive Saturday mornings, starting 25 October


This workshop, comprising 2 x 3-hour sessions over two consecutive Saturdays will introduce the fundamental foundations of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, exploring the various elements of which the practice is comprised.

They will introduce the Ujjayi breath, Bandha (internal energy ‘locks’), Dristi (focus points), the importance of foundation and explore the sun salutes ‘Surya Namaskara A & B’ and the first few basic standing postures in detail.

There will also be an introduction to self practice within a ‘Mysore Style’ class environment and a short finishing sequence so that you will have a simple, balanced sequence to work with as self practice, either at home or here in the morning classes.

Workshop with Helen McCabe

10.00 am  - 1.00 pm,  Saturday 25th October and Saturday 1st  November 2014

Total cost for the course: £50

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