Class Schedule

Whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned practitioner we are here to support your practice.


Our online class schedule is amended weekly.  Class numbers are limited so booking is recommended. Classes can be busier during holiday periods and there are also occasional changes to the regular schedule to accommodate workshops and guest teacher events, particularly at the weekends so do check the online schedule and book in for a class or let us know by email that you would like to attend before coming along.

Thank you.

Most of the classes which we run are suitable for all levels of experience but we recommend that you read the class description for any particular class to check that it is suitable.  These can be found underneath each class before you book. Please let us know if you are a complete beginner or if you are unsure if a particular class will be suitable for you before booking and make sure that you are aware of our Terms and conditions for class and workshop bookings, including cancellation policies, which can be found at the bottom of this ‘Classes’ page.

We have created a dedicated yoga practice space here which is light, warm and clean and which is very much a place where practitioners can leave their daily life at the door for a while, roll out their mat, breathe, practice and connect with themselves.

The energy of the space is created not just by us but by everyone who comes to share the practice here and we are very grateful to our wonderful, and growing, yoga community. If you are a new student here, please see our New Student Information Page for more information about what is useful to know when you come along to practice at our little yoga space.

Thank you!

Helen and the team at the Space x


Monday  No scheduled classes

Tuesday  No scheduled classes

Wednesday  5-6.30pm – Hatha yoga class

Thursday  7-10am – Ashtanga assisted self-practice (Mysore) class

Friday  7-9.15am – Ashtanga assisted self-practice (Mysore) class
10-11.30 – Hatha yoga class

Saturday  8-10am – Ashtanga assisted self-practice (Mysore) class
10.30-11.30 – Beginners’ yoga class (Introduction to self-practice)

Sunday  10am-12pm – Ashtanga assisted self-practice (Mysore class)
(Monthly counted primary classes. See the class schedule for details)

Private 1 – 1 sessions or private group sessions can be booked by appointment on most days, subject to availability. Please contact us by email for more information or to arrange a 1 to 1 session.  We can also arrange private group workshops or retreats. Please contact us to  find out more or to arrange a bespoke yoga event.


Class Prices

Assisted self-practice classes

£50 for a 5 Class Pass valid for 2 months

£85 for a 10 Class Pass valid for 6 months

£20 for an Unlimited Weekly Pass valid for 7 days

£12.50 single class


Hatha Yoga Classes


£40 for 5 Class Pass valid for 2 months

£20 for an Unlimited Weekly Pass strictly valid for 7 days

£9.50 for a single class 



Pregnancy Yoga Classes


£45 for a Block of 5 Classes

£10 for a Single Class

£45 for a 1 hour Private Class (by arrangement)


Private Classes

£55 for a 75 minute 1-2-1 session for up to 2 people  (by arrangement)

£65 for a 90 minute 1-2-1 session for up to 2 people  (by arrangement)

Private group classes for 3+ people  (by arrangement. Please contact us for prices)


Class Descriptions

Assisted Self Practice Classes

These classes are the traditional method by which Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is taught in Mysore india. They are taught in smaller groups, working closely with the teacher so that each student practices at their own rate, under the guidance of the teacher. By teaching in this traditional way each student is practising at the right level for them not a ‘generalised’ class level, so it is like having one to one tuition within a class environment. This style is all about developing a personal yoga practice that works for you – which you continue with at home. Because of the way they are structured these classes are suitable for all levels of practitioner and also the best way for beginners to really learn the method. Complete beginners would ideally benefit from attending a Beginners’ course first. You do not need to know the whole sequence to come to self practice classes. The postures (known as Asanas) of the sequence will be taught, one by one, as you progress at your own pace. There is no hurry.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Counted Primary class

*Note: These classes are not suitable for Beginners*

In these classes practitioners are counted (together) through the vinyasas into and out of each of the postures (asanas) of the Primary Series. Focus is on the breath and energy flow of the practice, rather than time to look at technique. It is an intermediate level class and so not suitable for beginners. Ideally practitioners should be familiar with at least half of the Primary series. You only have to practice as far as you are familiar with, and comfortable with, practicing and we recommend that you stop at any point that want.

Hatha Yoga Classes

These weekly classes are open to all levels of experience and are also a good follow-on technique class for those who have already completed a Foundation course. Typically, each class with start with simple somatic movements and a guided breath awareness practice. followed by a guided practice, typically with some sun-salutions, standing postures and then seated postures up to the level that is appropriate for the class, with time to look at the teaching points and techniques for new postures (asanas) each week. The class will finish with a short relaxation. Variations will be always be taught for each posture or movement practice so that everyone can practice at a level that is safe and appropriate for them. These classes are also designed to work well in conjunction with attending the assisted self practice classes, which are ultimately the best way to cultivate a personal daily practice.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga is a wonderfully nurturing, safe and gentle practice that helps connect the mind, body and spirit and most importantly connects a woman with her baby, helping to prepare her physically and mentally for her journey through pregnancy and the birth of her baby.

The classes provide a warm and supportive environment for pregnant women to guide them safely through every stage of pregnancy and as they prepare for labour and birth so that they can draw upon their own inherent strength and softness and ability to nurture both themselves and their baby during this time and beyond into young motherhood.

Specific postures help to strengthen and tone the body in a safe and non-impacting manner to help with the changes that the progression of pregnancy brings. In particular, strengthening the legs in preparation for labour and promoting overall stability. It brings an awareness of the body and posture to help avoid tension and strain.

Pregnancy yoga is adapted to the various stages of pregnancy and the exercises can be really effective in alleviating a multitude of pregnancy ailments such as heartburn, tiredness and backache. It improves flexibility (although care must be taken with this because of the additional Relaxin in the body) and promotes good circulation throughout the body. The breathing and relaxation elements to Pregnancy Yoga also encourage breath and body awareness in a woman which help to prepare for the birth, reducing anxiety and stress and teaching her to adapt to new situations. In preparation for the birth, pregnancy yoga also explores some of the different positions for labour and ways of moving (such as moving the hips etc), along with the breathing techniques so that a woman feels resourced as she journeys through her labour.

Starting in late 2019.  More information coming soon …

Starting in late 2019.  More information coming soon …

When we learn how to get out of our own way – to allow an insight into our own true nature – we understand that happiness is not something to be found outside of ourselves. True happiness – contentment, is not a fleeting emotion dependent on other or object, it is in fact our default setting; this along with the feeling of peace, compassion and an unshakable strength. We just can’t always see it. As humans we are all afflicted with powerful emotions such as desire, anger, jealousy and aversion. These emotions and the thoughts that accompany them, act as a veil that obscures our view into our very essence. Once we learn the methods to see past these emotions – we have access to the experience of our true selves – Mindfulness and Meditation techniques guide us gently through our journey into our selves. Mindfulness, although it has it’s roots in Buddhism has become a very secular practise. Backed up empirically by neuroscience, mindfulness has the power to change the habits of a lifetime – to re-programme a seemingly solid mind. Neuronal Plasticity is the brain’s ability to ‘re wire’. The brain is in fact malleable . Over time, with the discipline of both mindfulness and meditation, we can mitigate the effects of the emotions that have the power ‘to take us over’, and both cultivate and experience the emotions that bring us a greater sense of well being.

Class Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy

Terms and Conditions for Class Bookings, including our Cancellation Policy

By Paying for a class or class pass and booking a space for a class, you confirm that you have read and agree to the following terms and conditions:

Spaces booked for a particular class are not transferable and are for the person or persons named at the time of the booking. They cannot be transferred to a third party without prior confirmation by us.

It is your responsibility to attend the sessions paid for. Please note that our cancellation window is 12 hours for classes. All late cancellations are automatically charged. If you are unwell or cannot make a particular class that you have booked onto for any reason, kindly let us know as soon as possible so that we can give the space to someone else. Thank you for understanding.

Blocks of classes and monthly passes are non refundable and non tranferable and are valid for the time limits stated. They cannot be extended without prior confirmation by us. Where reasonably possible, however, we will always try and extend any passes purchased if you have not been able to attend for reasons beyond your control, such as illness, as long as you let us know as soon as possible. Class passes can be shared between two people.  Please contact us to arrange this.

The Space and the teachers here do not accept responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged goods whilst on our premises. Please look after your own belongings and place them in the storage area provided by the entrance to the studio.

Please inform the teacher before any class of any injuries, operations, if you are pregnant or have any medical conditions so that they can give appropriate modifications. If you have any injuries or medical conditions, we would also recommend checking with a doctor or medical professional for their advise before attending any yoga classes.

Please ensure that the classes which you book are suitable and check with the Class description for any particular class before booking. If you are uncertain as to which class to try, please contact us for advice as to which classes are most suitable.

Thank you for accepting these terms and conditions which enable us to run our classes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.