Mysore style self practice

Helen day-2-10

These classes are the traditional method by which Ashtanga Vinayasa Yoga is taught in Mysore india. They are taught in smaller groups, working closely with the teacher so that each student develops at their own rate, under the guidance of the teacher, who will use a combination of verbal and hands-on adjustments.

By teaching in this traditional way each student is practising at the right level for them not a ‘generalised’ class level, so it is like having one to one tuition within a class environment. This style is all about developing a personal yoga practice that works for you – which you continue with at home. Because of the way they are structured these classes are suitable for all levels of practitioner and also the best way for beginners to really learn the method.

Complete beginners would ideally benefit from attending a foundation course first.

You do not need to know the whole sequence to come to self practice classes. The postures (known as Asanas) of the sequence will be taught, one by one, as you progress at your own pace. There is no hurry.