Our Community

We have such a wonderful and supportive community here in Dorset, and further afield.  An important part of what we do is how we can work to help others through community classes and fund-raisers and raising awareness of some of the fantastic projects around.  Below are just a few of the events and organisations that are close to our heart.  Keep an eye on our website or sign up to our monthly newsletter to hear more about events that we are planning over the next few months.

We now have dates for the 2019 Event for Yoga Stops Traffick. Help us make this the biggest event so far.

Come and join us for a sponsored 108 sun salutes to raise money and awareness for the amazing work done by the people at Odanadi, based in Mysore India. This year’s event will be held at the Studland Village Hall, just around the corner from the Space. Anyone can join us and you don’t have to do all 108 … simply come and roll out a mat and do what you can do …

Urban Yogis UK – Yoga transforming lives

Urban Yogis UK is an international extension of a successful New York based yoga and mindfulness community program. Urban Yogis UK provides support to young people through self referral, existing charities, foundations, or youth programs in assisting with the wellbeing of young people using the tools of yoga and mindfulness. Yoga and mindfulness practices have the ability to help develop positive outlooks, viewpoints and life skills that can help people navigate their way through life. Contact us if you’d like to find out more about the work we do.

Christmas Community Class

Christmas Community Class, Chai and Cake

Our Christmas community event will take place on Sunday 23rd December. We will collect donations at the end of the class which will go towards a local community project.  This year it is our friends at the CYC Community Yoga Collective

See our class schedule for more details and to book a space.