Thank you India … until next time x

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It is time to pack my bags and say goodbye to this beautiful country and all the wonderful people who I have been lucky enough to get to know over the last two months.  I feel huge  gratitude for having had the opportunity to experience this journey and I have learnt a lot, mostly things that I never expected … life always surprises us in that way.  The daily practice, which at first I have to admit did ‘push a few buttons’,  slowly began to work its subtle magic and the crazy, noisy, gently chaotic, colourful, beautiful country that is India worked its magic too, as it always does.

I had a very contemplative last day in Mysore , starting with my last early practice and  followed by an Indian breakfast at a cafe that a lot of the locals frequent .. that’s the last time I’ll be able to eat a meal for 60p in a while!  I then spent time saying my goodbyes , from the beautiful girls at Odanadi who have been such a big part of the garden project,  to Anu and Ganesh who are very much at the heart of the yoga community here in Mysore,  a respectful goodbye to Sharath and then supper with a few friends.  I also had to say goodbye to my lovely bicycle, which I have grown quite attached to over the last few weeks, despite it not having any gears.


I’ve had a day in Bangalore on route home and got chance to investigate another stunning former Indian palace, now a hotel.  I absolutely love these places and this one has a gorgeous garden to wander around too. This evening I wanted to go to a local temple to say a little thank you for my trip and thought I was visiting an ancient stone building ….. but of course, in true surreal Indian style I found myself queueing patiently in what can only be described as a polystyrene and cardboard ‘cave’  with interesting coloured lighting and a constant chant to Shiva on a tannoy filling the space.  After what seemed like an age we emerged from the ‘cave’ into the open to be faced with the most enormous statue of Shiva I have ever seen (not that I’ve seem that many), also made out of what looks like polystyrene or plaster and all lit up !! I thought I was in Disneyland but this is serious stuff and the place was packed, so I respectively followed everyone and did my little ‘puja’ blessing in thanks for my wonderful trip and then watched what was described on the tannoy as an ‘extraordinary sound and light show’  … and it was extraordinary!  Only in India!                       … until next time xx