The Practice

Feet and hands

Yoga is a philosophy for life that has its origins in ancient teachings from India which go back some 4,000 years. It is a complete system that incorporates many elements, not just the postures, known as Asanas, that have defined much of the yoga taught in the west today. By practicing asana regularly and with awareness many of the other elements of yoga also begin to unfold and the practice becomes one of transformation, with the awareness expanding beyond that experienced on the yoga mat and into our daily lives.

Anyone can practice yoga and at our little yoga space we offer classes for all levels of ability and experience, from complete beginners to more experienced practitioners.

All of the classes are tailored to meet the needs and physical capabilities of the students and are intended to be a warm, nurturing environment in which anyone, whatever their experience, can have the space to explore their practice, developing deeper awareness on all levels as they focus on breath and movement.