Somatic movement resources from the yoga practice immersion

Thank you for joining our yoga and somatic movement practice immersion


Here are a few video resources as a follow on from our in-person practice time, which we hope that you will find helpful.


The resources 

Take your time with each and do whatever fits in with your daily schedule.

Make a space and time that works for you and create a quiet and cosy practice space if possible – anywhere where you can be un-disturbed for a few minutes.

There are no particular props needed but have some blankets, cushions, warm layers and warm socks with you so that you can be as cosy as possible.

Each of the practices is just a few minutes long and can be done in one go or separately – whatever works for you.

A gentle somatic exploration of breath / movement awareness

Somatic movement exploration for the back chain of the body

A gentle somatic movement practice for shoulder mobility

Using these resources responsibly

By using these online resources you take full responsibility for yourself and your health and wellbeing. Please look after yourself and make sure that you practice mindfully and safely. It is important that you never force your body or breath or push into pain or discomfort as you practice. Make sure that the environment that you are in is suitable for practicing in with enough room to move around safely. Yoga is ultimately a practice for self enquiry and awareness and these resources are here to support you, as simple tools for health and wellness. We are all beautifully unique in our bodies and felt-sense experience. If you have any injuries or medical conditions, we would also recommend checking with a doctor or medical professional for their advise before attending any yoga classes, retreats or workshops.


We have put a lot of love, time and energy into creating our resources library and hope that you enjoy exploring it but we kindly ask that you keep this for your own personal use and don’t share this link or your log-in details with anyone else.

Thank you.