Supporting you to develop your own personal practice

We believe in sharing the practice of yoga in a way that supports everyone, from complete beginners to more experienced practitioners. Developing your own self practice so that you can roll out a mat anywhere and anytime is a wonderful way to experience the therapeutic benefits of yoga.  As practice becomes familiar, you start to tune in and listen to how your body feels each day and how to resource yourself. You also become much more aware of your breath and state of mind each day too, simply by paying attention to it as you practice and this awareness continues through your everyday life.  Developing a regular breath and movement practice, even for just a few minutes a day, is a brilliant tool for well being, increasing your body’s strength, flexibility and stability, as well as helping to relieve feelings of stress, by ‘reminding’ our body and mind how to ‘put the brakes on’, to slow down our busy mind and experience a little stillness.


Starting from January 2020, we are evolving the way in which we run the assisted self practice classes. Over the last five years and more of teaching the self practice classes here, we have seen the value of being able to work with people over a number of consecutive days, such as on our 5 day immersions and retreat weeks.  These classes allow anyone who is newer to practice to have plenty of individual support and guidance, whilst giving those with more experience the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of practicing at their own pace.

The Saturday morning sessions will remain on the weekly schedule, but with a new longer session, running from 8am – 11am, to allow you more flexibility over the time that you come to practice.

We will offer dedicated self practice weeks each month, when we will have practice sessions each morning, from 6.45am – 9.15am.  You will be able to buy a pass for the whole week, just a few days or single drop-in sessions.

We will also continue to the 5 day Immersions with Helen throughout the year.  These will be limited to a small group of just 6 people and are an opportunity to explore your asana practice and pranayama practices in more depth.



Schedule for our assisted self practice classes

Saturday mornings every week 

8 – 11 am (arrive anytime up to 9.30)

Tuesday 28th January – Friday 31st January 2020

06.45 – 9.15 am each day (arrive anytime up to 8am)

to book a space, see our Class Schedule Page

Classes can be booked as a drop-in, using an existing class pass or a weekly class pass (see details below).


Class Prices and How to Book


£50 for a 5 Class Pass valid for 2 months

£40 for a weekly 5 Class Pass valid for 7 days

£25 for a weekly 3 Class Pass valid for 7 days

£12.50 single class drop in

Advanced dates for the Guided Self Practice weeks will be posted on this page.

To Book a class, go to the Classes Page and sign in to the class or classes that you would like to attend.  You can pay for your class pass or drop-in session through the same MindBody booking link that you use to book your class. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help with this and if you are a new student please see the New Student Information Page


How the guided self practice classes work

These classes are the traditional method by which Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is taught in Mysore India and are taught in smaller groups. Each person is guided through the practice by the teacher, who will work with each practitioner individually within the group environment, so that everyone can practice at a level that works for them, and for as short or long a practice as they want on any day. Teachers will guide you with appropriate modifications or work with specific elements of the practice as needed, using the traditional sequence of asanas (postures) as the framework for practice and introducing new postures as and when these are appropriate for each individual person.
Our teachers are here to hold the space for you so that you can explore and enjoy this meditative practice at your own pace, creating an environment which is calm and supportive and allows space for practitioners to focus on their own breath and movement. We are here to support your practice and always work with respect for each individual. This traditional way of teaching / learning is a two way process, at the heart of which is the relationship and trust between teacher and student. We encourage practitioners to develop awareness of how their bodies feel in each of the postures and never to push into feelings of discomfort or pain. With regular practice, yoga is about cultivating steadiness in the body and breath with each movement. We encourage practitioners to communicate with us so that we can share appropriate variations or use of props to assist. We teach by using a combination of verbal instruction, demonstration and, with the consent of the practitioner, hands-on assists too where appropriate in order to help you with your practice. Hands on assists can be very helpful in providing additional support in a new posture or helping a practitioner to find more foundation. We always check in with practitioners before offering any hands on assists, to make sure that they are happy to be assisted in this way and fully respect that you may prefer not to receive any hands on assistance. By teaching in this traditional way each student is practising at the right level for them not a ‘generalised’ class level, so it is like having one to one tuition within a class environment. This style is all about developing a personal yoga practice that works for you – which you continue with at home.

Because of the way they are structured these classes are suitable for all levels of practitioner and also the best way for beginners to really learn the method. Complete beginners would ideally benefit from attending a Beginners’ course first. You do not need to know the whole sequence to come to self practice classes. The postures (known as Asanas) of the sequence will be taught, one by one, as you progress at your own pace.

There is no hurry.

'Helen is an extremely experienced and knowledgable teacher and she has created a perfect environment for practising Yoga, highly recomended.'

Class Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy

Terms and Conditions for Class Bookings, including our Cancellation Policy

By Paying for a class or class pass and booking a space for a class, you confirm that you have read and agree to the following terms and conditions:

Spaces booked for a particular class are not transferable and are for the person or persons named at the time of the booking. They cannot be transferred to a third party without prior confirmation by us.

It is your responsibility to attend the sessions paid for. Please note that our cancellation window is 12 hours for classes. All late cancellations are automatically charged. If you are unwell or cannot make a particular class that you have booked onto for any reason, kindly let us know as soon as possible so that we can give the space to someone else. Thank you for understanding.

Blocks of classes and monthly passes are non refundable and non tranferable and are valid for the time limits stated. They cannot be extended without prior confirmation by us. Where reasonably possible, however, we will always try and extend any passes purchased if you have not been able to attend for reasons beyond your control, such as illness, as long as you let us know as soon as possible. Class passes can be shared between two people.  Please contact us to arrange this.

The Space and the teachers here do not accept responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged goods whilst on our premises. Please look after your own belongings and place them in the storage area provided by the entrance to the studio.

Please inform the teacher before any class of any injuries, operations, if you are pregnant or have any medical conditions so that they can give appropriate modifications. If you have any injuries or medical conditions, we would also recommend checking with a doctor or medical professional for their advise before attending any yoga classes.

Please ensure that the classes which you book are suitable and check with the Class description for any particular class before booking. If you are uncertain as to which class to try, please contact us for advice as to which classes are most suitable.

Thank you for accepting these terms and conditions which enable us to run our classes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.