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Introducing our online membership


We have been listening to your feedback and are really excited about expanding the ways in which we can support you with your practice.

Not everyone has a reliable internet connection or can get to a regular class in person and in these extraordinary times that we are all living through, connecting in person is simply not an option for many of us right now.  We also understand that it can sometimes feel a little bit daunting to turn up to a class, especially if you are new to yoga.  So being able to explore carefully designed practices from the comfort of your own home, at a time and that works for you, can be really helpful.


Exploring the practices

There is so much more to yoga than postural practice and our aim is to offer as broad a range of classes and resources as well can, as we develop this library, and are excited to be collaborating with some wonderful teachers and educators who will be sharing their experience and love for these practices.
We have included a range of yoga classes of different lengths from slower, gentle classes as well as more dynamic flowing ones. As well as the guided yoga class practices, we have included breath awareness, yoga nidra and restorative practices. We have also included some tips and technique videos to explore, such as functional movement for the hips, spine and shoulder girdle. There are also some specific resources, such as a guide to learning the vinyasa count for Ashtanga yoga practitioners and most importantly, a library of mini lectures introducing some of the history and philosophy of yoga that is at the root of all of these practices. 

‘I’ve just had a great yoga session thanks to your online resources – I did the Slow and Steady Movement Practice followed by the short somatic awareness practice – it ‘s so clever how you’ve put it together’


Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive access to our library of online resources, with new content added each month.

  • Discounts on live streamed classes and class passes as well as online courses

  • Dedicated monthly members’ newsletters

Whether you’d like to learn more about the roots of yoga, explore guided restorative practices or techniques to support you to move and breath with ease, we’re here to support you.

Here’s a preview of what’s included


Here are some of the resources that we have recently ...

Seasonal focus

The cycling of the changing seasons here in the northern ...

Guided Movement Practices

A library of guided postural yoga practices for you to ...

Relax and Restore

A collection of guided meditations and relaxation techniques, including Restorative ...

Breath awareness Practices

Simple practices to bring awareness to your breath, regulating the ...

Yoga Philosophy and Chanting

Yoga is so much more than the postural practices that ...

Asana Foundations

Lots of you have asked about resources for working with ...

Beginners - Supporting your practice

Yoga practice can be a wonderful, simple and effect tool ...

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is an invitation to travel inwards and resource ...

Somatic movement

Somatic movement works by educating the practitioner to understand the ...

Restorative Yoga

The soothing practice of restorative yoga is a wonderful one ...

Tips and Techniques

This is a collection of videos and resources exploring ways ...

Ashtanga Yoga Resources

A library of classes and resources for Ashtanga yoga practitioners, ...

Simple, Sustainable practices for life


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‘I just wanted to say I am loving the recordings on the membership! Just checked out a couple this evening and I am quite sure I will be incorporating them into my practice!’