Restorative Yoga

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Restorative Yoga

In a world where feeling exhausted or stressed is becoming more and more prevalent for many people, there has never been a greater need for practices that can soothe us and help us to come into a place of balance and calm.

Restorative yoga is a wonderful thing to have in your practice ‘tool box’, for both the body and mind. By using props such as bolsters, blocks and cushions to support and hold the body, the practice activates the para-sympathetic response to help balance the nervous system, setting up the whole body for deep relaxation.

A restorative sequence usually involves only four or five postures, which are ‘held’ for anything from 2 – 10 minutes. We recommend that you start with shorter holds and build up gradually to longer ones. It is essential that you feel completely supported and relaxed throughout.

Please always practice just as much or as little as feels comfortable and appropriate for you. There are always different options for each of the postures so that you can find one that supports you.

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Duration: 55 min